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Nicholas Sibusiso Engel
Coach, Musician, Mentor

Nick "Sbu" Engel is a versatile multi-instrumentalist who exercises his creative gift both in performing and in teaching others to unlock their latent creativity. As a pianist and Sax player he is both a sought-after solo performer and provider of unforgettable background music with the Wedding Ambiance brand. As a teacher at CreateMusic Academy, Nick thrives on developing the hidden talent of students of all ages and abilities and exploring their God-given creativity in music. 
Nick comes from a musical family in Durban and started piano lessons at the age of 7, followed by guitar from age 10. In his growing passion for music he picked up glockenspiel, recorder, bass guitar and drums along the way too, joining the church youth band at the age of 14. Continuing with classical piano in high school, he went on to study music at Natal University and completed his Music Honours degree in Jazz Performance (piano) in 1995. Having begun teaching music straight out of school, during his year at bible college, he officially opened Nick's Music School in 1997 and laid the foundation for what was to become CreateMusic Academy around 2005. Nick is a founder member of the band 4th Dimension (Ngwenye Yesine), with whom he plays Afro jazz, fusion, swing, R&B, pop-rock, soul and latin-american. Since his student years he has played in a wide variety of settings on piano and sax from hotels and restaurants to shebeens and bars, and from weddings and special events to regular Sunday services at church. Where he goes, his guitar invariably goes too. 
Today Nick divides his time between his musical career, church related work and ministering to the residents of Chesterville , often through music. His album Piano to Soothe the Soul brings both impulses together in a collection that transports the listener as much as it serves a very practical purpose for upliftment of the community.

Music With A Mission

In 1988 Nick together with Westville christian fellowship church members responded to his pastor and spiritual father, Peter fan Niekerk's challenge to build relationships with the community of Chesterville and to share God's love with them. Add Peters 3 questions here and the church camp. He was still in high school at the time and embraced the church's vision of being an active member with the local township community. This crystallised in the late 2000s into a conviction of to one of his core purposes: to minister to & serve the poor. He spent a period living in Durban's inner city in 2012 to minister among the homeless and today, when he is not teaching or performing, he can be found (guitar in hand) in Chesterville township, working under the auspices of Simunye Apostolic Ministries & west city fellowship. For Nick, music is both a connection to people and a currency through which to raise funds to support his work amongst the needy.

Nick's Zulu Middle Name

Nick's Zulu middle name, "Sbu" (short for Sibusiso, meaning "Blessing"), was given to him in 1997 by a young man whose life he touched with the gospel. For Nick it is more than symbolic of his calling - it's a point of connection between worlds that have a lot to learn from each other. As the Zulu saying goes, ""Umuntu uzofunda aze afe" - a person will keep learning forever.


Piano to Soothe the Soul is a soulful piano album which brings together a range of styles in an accessible, easy-listening format. 
Beyond providing soul-rest for the listener, the album is a practical vehicle for raising funds for Nick's work among the poor in Chesterville. All proceeds of the sale of the album will be used for this ministry, which takes place under the auspices of Simunye Apostolic Ministries and West City Fellowship in Westville.

Wedding Ambiance

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